Tomorrow’s Financial Services Practice Today

Hands of a family

“Somebody is sitting in the shade today because some one planted a tree long ago.”

-Warren Buffett

Financial Planning Services

Comprehensive financial planning
Estate Planning
Retirement Planning
Income Distribution Planning
Collaborating w/ other professionals
On call for our clients
College Planning
Research/Screening of Assets not under our management
Cash Flow Management
Tax planning
Long Term Care Planning
Medi-Care Strategies
Legacy Planning

Asset Management Services

Initial Risk Assessment
Establishment of Your Goals
Investment Guidance
Due Diligence and Research
Screening of Investment Funds
Screening of Money Managers
On-Going Consultation
Back Office Support
Portfolio Rebalancing
Periodic Risk Reviews
Performance Reviews
Investor Education
Management of Expectations

Behavioral Financial Coaching

At The Master’s Financial Group we are focused on helping you to stick to the good financial decisions and goals you made and not to make bad decisions that can derail your financial plan. We help you manage your expectations through clear communication.